‘Winds Whisper’ Up North Wall Art Series


Have you heard the wind whispering through the trees? The sound of silence and calm. This original alcohol ink painting is the wind whispering to you to slow down and listen.

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I suspect most states have an “Up North.”  Here in Minnesota, I think it is North of Minneapolis. In my case, it is the North Shore of Lake Superior. If you have not been, imagine as you crest a hill in Duluth, MN, Lake Superior appears as far as you can see. She is maybe smooth and glimmering or tumultuous with waves crashing to shore.  As you drive North, you see more evergreens quaking aspen and paper birch. Maybe you will see an eagle soaring overhead or other birds of prey. If you are fortunate, you will see a moose!   The scenery turns to rock cliffs, waterfalls, and rivers. Inland lakes abound, and one of the most incredible things is the islands dotting the lakes peppered with pine trees.

In August of 2021, my 13-year-old and I stayed in a yurt on Pincushion Mountain just outside of Grand Marais, just 60 miles south of the Canadian Border. We stayed for a week and enjoyed hiking, the waterfalls, and rock hunting on the shores of Lake Superior. Good books were read, laughter was had, and memories were made. I even found time to paint early mornings while my son slept.

‘That trip inspires Winds Whisper’ Up North Wall Art Series collection. I hope you find something that speaks to you.

SIZE DETAILS:  This Original Alcohol ink painting is framed out to be 21.5″ x 27.5″. With no mat, there is no glass, and the painting has been sealed.

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