About the Artist

Katie Hieggelke

I’ve been dabbling in art for most of my life, I even went to art camp in high school! Several years ago I had the unplanned opportunity to re-invent myself as I moved across the country with my young son. I knew that when re entering the workforce I needed to do something that makes a difference and allowed me the freedom to be who I needed to be. I settled upon being a Personal Trainer as I could impact lives every day. As my career has progressed I have had the opportunity to revisit my love of creating art. The first time I saw an alcohol ink painting, I just knew I had to try it. After trying it, I knew I had to learn as much about it as I could.

Painting for me is really an emotional event that takes me to a place where I can just be me, relax and let myself create with no judgement.

Creating allows me to exist and be exactly how I am in that moment and to me, that is invaluable. Using alcohol inks allows me to use a variety of tools to fit where I am at in that exact moment. I also incorporate Encaustic wax into some pieces when looking for that little bit more. I hope that when people look at my art they are able to open their mind to the possiblities of what they see and how that makes them feel. It is exciting for me to hear what emotions and feelings my art stirs in them.