Do you know that I do commissions? This one is my largest by far and is 4′ by 8′!  It was one of the first commissions I was asked to do and I had just about 2 weeks to do it!  It hangs in the lobby of a Thrivent office and they wanted it for their grand opening, so the deadline was solid.  I said “yes!” not really knowing how I would transport it nor how I would manage handling something that large while painting it. 

Well, it got painting in my dining room on the table…I still have some ink stains to show for it!  Thankfully all the sealing was able to be done in the garage as that is a longer and stinkier process than painting. 

Time for delivery and I wasn’t sure how I would transport it. I finally found a friend with a mini van that it fit in with all the seats forward and not a 1/4 inch to spare!   The 45 minute drive was a little stressful, most of all I wanted to get it there without a scratch and I needed the client to love it!  The big reveal is always nervewracking.

I am proud to say they did love it and it helped me overcome my fear of painting large, since then I have done many larger commissions, but none quite as big as that!